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Could it be added what language(s) did he speak and how he did manage to ascend the throne? Pavel Vozenilek

From my knowledge he spoke Albanian from where he was born. I have know idea how he got the throne thou.

Fuad I was an ethnic Albanian due to him being a descendant of Mehmet Ali of Kavala. The Kurdish ancestry is simply inaccurate or perhaps made up...Saladin was a Kurd. In fact, Fuad I wanted to be King of Albania and was given Egypt as a concession. In Prince Hassan Hassan's book, In The House of Muhammad Ali, he mentions that he had never heard of his family having Kurdish ancestry, and that he considers his family to be Albanian. Fuad spoke no Arabic, but the sources are vague on which languages he did speak, although Italian, Turkish, and Albanian are likely.

Fuad I was the son of Ibrahim Pasha, who in turn was adopted by Mehmet Ali, biologically meaning that Fuad was not an ethnic albanian. Ibrahim Pasha was of kurdish origin, hence Fuad I and his off spring were kurds..and not albanians.

Ibrahim Pasha was born in Kavala as well. Also, there is not a consensus if Ibrahim is the blood or adopted son of Mehmet Ali. Where would his Kurdish ancestry come from if he was born in Kavala, nowhere near Kurdistan and a city where Kurds did not settle.

Muhamad Ali's father was a kurd from northeastern Turkey who later on moved to Konya, Turkey and then to Kavala, where Muahamad Ali was born. Ibrahim Pasha, his son was also born there..the question wether he was adoptedis of a dubious nature.

Dear Pavel, King Fuad was fluent in French, Italian and Turkish. I'm not certain about the claim that he spoke Albanian. His great-grandfather, Mohammad Ali the Great, who founded the dynasty in 1805 was an Albanian, but it is my understanding that by the time Fuad was born, Egyptian royalty were speaking only French and Turkish. Fuad's father, Ismail the Magnificent, only knew French and Turkish, so presumably he talked to his children in those languages. After Ismail was deposed, he went into exile in Italy and Fuad followed him there, spending the rest of his childhood and adolescence in that country. Because he grew up in Italy, Fuad was an great Italophile and he loved Italian art, food, music and architecture. Leaving that aside, this article should mention that Fuad did not speak Arabic, the language used by 90% of his subjects, which explains why he never gave any speeches in Egypt. As for the inheriting the throne, the succession was quite complicated as the British had a habit of deposing those Khedives who not sufficiently pliant, so the normal order of succession was not followed at all, with uncles succeeding their nephews. In his somewhat trashy biography of Fuad's son, King Farouk, William Stadiem wrote: "Because he was not in the direct line of succession (not that it necessarily mattered, given the vagaries of British domination), but also because he know how fickle the British were, Fuad put himself into the running to be named king of Albania, then also part of the Ottoman empire, of which Fuad considered himself in good standing". In 1917, the Sultan Hussein of Egypt died, so the succession should have went to his son, Prince Kemal, but he declined the throne because he believed that Germany was going to win World War I and did not want to be associated with the losing side. Because of the miscalculation of his nephew, Prince Fuad, the 12th son of Ismail the Magnificent, got the throne instead. I hope this answers your questions. Cheers!--A.S. Brown (talk) 08:12, 25 October 2018 (UTC) [reply]

Political History?[edit]

There seems to be a lot of focus here on his personal life, but little about how he came to rule so many countries! Also, was he a significant ruler in these countries? What did he do during his rule? Perhaps at least a reference to these other countries' history articles would be appropriate. --Schwael 15:55, 14 November 2005 (UTC)[reply]

This pic is not Fuad! This pic is Halife Abdülmecid 2 pic!!!!!! (Excuse me my English is very bad! ) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Canmacit (talkcontribs)


Creative Software —Preceding unsigned comment added by Cresoft (talkcontribs) 23:04, 12 September 2008 (UTC)[reply]


The last Picture doesn't show Fuad I, this is Sehzade Abdülmecid who later was the las caliph Abdülmecid II. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:10, 22 February 2015 (UTC)[reply]

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